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Dental work is expensive. Financing dental work can be tricky, as there are often stipulations that regulate what procedures are covered under the dental insurance and which are covered under health insurance.

When it comes down to it, neither of the insurance companies really wants to pay for dental procedures. For those who do not have either insurance, the costs of dental work have to be shouldered completely by the individual getting the work done. For these individuals, finding ways to finance dental work is an essential task that must be completed before the dental procedures begin.

Payment plans is the most common way method of financing dental work. These payment plans are built by the dental office and the money goes directly to the dental office. The payment plan is figured out by taking the total cost of the procedure and then dividing that number by the number of months that the patient has to pay off the debt. This is typically anywhere between 6 months to 24 months for very costly procedures. This eliminates the middle man or the need for a loan agent, and it can be set up in the office. This often does require a credit check as the chances for the dental office to lose money is very high if someone fails to pay for their dental work.

Those dental offices who have been burned too often by patients who have failed to pay for their dental work often refer all of the patients needing help financing dental work to a bank or loan office. The dental office may have a special agreement with the loan office that allows them to refer people and provide those individuals with the best possible rate for their loan. This saves the patients some money in the interest rates and it insures that the dental office receives their money. This method of financing dental work is on the increase as the economy continues its decline.

Some patients opt to seek help financing dental work from their personal bank. This often involves taking out a personal loan in order to cover the costs of the dental work. This borrowing from a home bank can increase the chances for the patient to be approved for a loan. It can also make it easier for the patient to pay the loan off since the loan is in the same location as the primary banking is done. Some banks even offer to take the money out of the account automatically, ensuring that the patient is never late with his payments which would adversely affect his credit rating.
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